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Sedation uses medication to allow for you or your family member to feel at ease and relaxed during the dental appointment. Patients are usually awake with the exception of those who are under general anesthesia. Typically patients who have high anxiety or a lower pain tolerance can benefit from sedation dentistry.

Nitrous or Laughing gas as most people know it, is a safe form of sedation used over many years for both children and adults. Nitrous oxide is administered through a nasal hood that fits over the patient’s nose. The great thing about Laughing Gas is that the patient has no lasting effects and can drive immediately afterward. Oral Sedation is a deeper level of sedation than nitrous. It allows you to feel lightly sedated and relaxed during the entire procedure. This safe form of sedation is used for patients who have mild to moderate anxiety and pain levels.

There are four levels of sedation: Minimal, Moderate, Deep, and General anesthesia. Nitrous is considered Minimal sedation. Oral sedation can be categorized as either minimal or moderate. The sedation method is determined by the patients medical history and current mental & physical health. Your dentist will let you know what level of sedation you qualify for.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist to determine what sedation works best for YOU!

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Feel free to eat a light meal a few hours before your procedure. Some patients, however, become nauseous while using nitrous oxide. In these situations, it’s advised to avoid too much food so you don’t become sick. After receiving nitrous oxide, there are no dietary restrictions and you can eat as soon as you feel able.

What to expect? During the procedure you will inhale the nitrous oxide gas mixed with oxygen. You will begin to feel relaxed and the amount can be increased or decreased to achieve the desired relaxation. When the procedure is over, the nitrous level is decreased to zero and the patient is given pure oxygen through a mask to completely flush any remaining nitrous out of the lungs and airway. During this time, the patient will gradually begin to return to their normal state.

Oral Sedation

A prescription pill is typically taken by mouth and the patient will be instructed to take the pill the night before or 1 hour prior to the appointment.

What to expect? A deeper level of sedation than nitrous, oral sedation allows you to feel lightly sedated and relaxes during the dental procedure. Patient’s will remain in a conscious level throughout the procedure however you will need someone to drive you to and pick you up from the appointment. Consultation with a dentist is required to see if you qualify.