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Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to your oral health. Good dental hygiene is necessary for your overall physical health, and while regular brushing keeps bacteria and plaque at bay, it’s still important to visit your dentist for routine dental exams. At Jax Smiles Dentistry, we encourage patients to visit us every six months.

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Dental Exams

Our dentist will thoroughly examine your gums and teeth during a routine dental exam for signs of a cavity or other periodontal problems, and might also take a digital x-ray to unveil dental issues not visible on the surface. Also, our dentist will ask about your brushing and flossing routine and provide recommendations to maintain good oral hygiene.

Furthermore, our dentist will perform teeth cleaning and polishing to get rid of tartar, a hard mineral buildup around your teeth. Next, they will polish your teeth to remove unwanted plaque and biofilm from the tooth surface and improve your teeth’ appearance. They may also suggest at-home oral hygiene products to eliminate bad breath.

Routine Dental Exams at
Jax Smiles Dentistry

You can ensure your pearly whites continue looking beautiful and remain healthy by scheduling routine dental exams and brushing your teeth twice a day regularly. The early diagnosis of any existing periodontal will prevent the condition from exacerbating into a bigger problem and allow your dentist to keep your oral health in check.

Regular dental exams at Jax Smiles Dentistry for comprehensive exams and teeth cleaning will allow you to take control of your oral health. Your dentist appointments will become stress-free when you have excellent oral hygiene. If you have dental anxiety, don’t worry! We offer reliable sedation dentistry service so you can receive treatment without any fear.

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