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Periodontal gum disease affects millions of Americans. It’s a degenerative disorder of the gums and boney tissue surrounding teeth that can lead to bone recession, gum recession, and, ultimately, tooth loss. It can also affect your general health, leading to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, and more.
At Jax Smiles Dentistry, we have a team of professional dentists who provide periodontal gum care to protect your oral health and keep the disease under control.

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Gum Care

Our experienced dentists carefully evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums. Depending on the progression of the disease, they formulate a treatment plan that may include deep cleaning, scaling, and other dental procedures to get rid of harmful bacteria damaging your oral health and stop the condition from exacerbating into more significant problems.

People affected by periodontal gum disease may experience the following symptoms:

  • Deep pockets between the teeth and gum tissue
  • Deteriorating tooth structure
  • Inflammation in the gum line
  • Loosening or shifting teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Painful chewing
  • Tooth loss

Gum disease is mainly caused by bacteria and plaque that damage the gums. Lack of good oral hygiene is the primary reason for this disease. Regular brushing, flossing, and oral care can significantly reduce the risk of gum disease. Regular dental care can prevent the plaque that causes this problem or diagnose it before further complications.  

Periodontal Gum Care
at Jax Smiles Dentistry

At Jax Smiles Dentistry, we have years of experience treating periodontal gum disease, as well as complicated oral health problems. Healthy gums are a fundamental part of good dental health, and our professional dentists make sure that your oral hygiene, including your gum’s condition, is in check to ensure the best results.

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