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Do you feel that your gums appear too prominently when you smile or talk? Does it affect your self-confidence and make you self-conscious when talking or laughing? Jax Smiles Dentistry has the perfect solution for you. Our crown lengthening procedure can help improve your gummy smile. The therapeutic process will give you a beautiful, natural smile.

Your Smile Is Important To Us


Crown lengthening is a dental restorative procedure aimed to reshape the gums to expose more toothed surfaces. In some cases, bone level adjustments are necessary to ensure better results. Crown lengthening creates a wider, more symmetrical smile to boost your confidence and contributes to greater oral and overall health.

It’s a one-time treatment with no requirement for touch-ups. Our dentists remove small amounts of tissue from the selected gum area to reduce and contour its appearance. The gums are carefully repositioned and sutured once the procedure is complete. The area may take a couple of weeks for complete healing, but you can return to your normal routine in a few days.

Crown Lengthening at
Jax Smiles Dentistry

Don’t let the gummy smile impact your enjoyment of life and well-being. At Jax Smiles Dentistry, our professional dentists, especially in crown lengthening procedures. We can redefine your smile, giving your teeth a perfect look that you’ve been seeking. We carefully review your medical history and perform X-rays to ensure your procedure goes smoothly.

Our dentists use the minimally invasive technique, ensuring great aesthetic results and quick healing time. The crown lengthening procedure can be dramatic and spectacular. You’ll feel more confident speaking, smiling, and laughing. Moreover, you’ll also be eligible for new crowns, tooth restoration, and other dental treatments.

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