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Crooked, crowded, or uneven teeth can shatter your self-confidence and make you more conscious about your image. Fortunately, improving your teeth’s appearance and getting a beautiful smile isn’t hard anymore. Introducing orthodontic clear aligners, a non-invasive and simple alternative to traditional braces that can help correct your dental problems.

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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are orthodontic aligners made of polyurethane plastic, which barely seems visible. Unlike traditional braces, it has a very discreet look. Also, there is no metal and can easily be inserted and removed at home. When you brush your teeth or going on a special occasion, simple remove your aligners, and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, you don’t need to make any dietary modifications, meaning you can eat your favorite food items without any trouble. If you have a bruxism (teeth-grinding) habit, Invisalign serves as a thin night guard that protects your teeth from wear. When designed properly, it’s highly effective equipment treats dental flaws efficiently.

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Clear Aligners can positively contribute to improving your dental health. Unlike metal braces, it doesn’t cause discomfort and gum irritation. At Jax Smiles Dentistry, we offer specialized orthodontic clear aligners to take care of all your periodontal problems. You can improve your smile and help regain your confidence without any hassle.

Our professional dentists will carefully evaluate your teeth’ condition and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for SureSmile clear aligners. The treatment can last around six to 24+ months, and your dentist may suggest you wear a retainer for some time to maintain results and improve your smile. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and discuss your treatment plan.

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