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At Jax Smiles Dentistry, we take a focused approach to patient care. We offer the latest Botox and dermal filler dental treatments to alleviate jaw tension, facial pain, TMJ disorder, and a wide range of dental-related problems. This simple and non-invasive technique can be highly beneficial for treating headaches, tension in facial muscles due to clenching, and treat fine lines and wrinkles such as lip lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines between your brows.

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Botox & Fillers
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At Jax Smiles Dentistry, we have a team of experienced dentists with extensive training and knowledge of facial muscles and expression dynamics. Our treatments are primarily aimed at improving our patients’ dental and overall health, but they also come with cosmetic benefits, giving patients a wrinkle-free and youthful appearance.

Patient’s will feel a small prick as the needle enters through the skin, but any pain or discomfort is controlled with a cold compress. Immediately afterwards there will be some mild swelling and redness at the injection sites. Results may take up to 1-2 weeks to appear.

Botox and Dermal filler treatment cost can vary depending on the amount of medication used. The dosage, injection location, and treatment is tailored to each individual. Treatment typically takes 30 minutes and can cost between $200-$800 per session. 


Botox &
Dermal Fillers

Botox injections help relax the muscles that cause clenching, fine lines and wrinkles, and help treat facial pain. If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding),  or other TMJ conditions, Botox injections can provide quick relief and safeguard dental health by reducing grinding symptoms, prevent wearing of teeth and facilitating normal jaw and teeth movement.

These treatments can also improve your aesthetics by narrowing the appearance of your jaw and naturally slim the face. Moreover, Botox helps reduce signs of aging from heavy muscle contraction over time.

Filler injections are a quick procedure that offers immediate results. You’ll see a drastic improvement in your look, which may last up to two year. Common sites for dermal fillers include lips, nose bridge, and nasolabial folds. 

Our dentists are experts in anesthetic techniques and injections, ensuring minimal discomfort during treatment. We strive to meet your aesthetic and therapeutic goals. Schedule an appointment today to find out how we ensure the optimal aesthetic and therapeutic outcome for your dental care and discuss your treatment plan.